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Cache Creek 2012

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Help support the continued work of these websites by attending our first annual truck show, to be held in Cache Creek, B.C. - July 28th and 29th of 2012. All vehicles, no matter their age or condition are welcome to attend the show; bring your working or antique trucks, tractors and cars!

Message Image Our venue for the event, the Cache Creek Recreation Park, in down town Cache Creek, B.C., the location is close to all local amenities including hotels, restaurants, and a swimming pool.

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Event Details

Dates: July 28th and 29th
Location: Cache Creek, B.C., Cache Creek Recreation Centre

I'm In! Now What?

To keep things simple, send an email to me using the contact page. Note that there is a registration fee of $15.00 CDN (per show vehicle) payable upon arrival; Following the show, those who have registered for the show will receive a free photo album showcasing the events at the show. If you would like to stop by and check out the trucks, there is no entry fee, bring the family, admission by donation.

Show Auction

It has been suggested that an auction be held, a professional auctioneer is available to call the auction. If you have any parts, memorabilia, or trucks for that matter, that you feel we could auction off at the show send me an email to get the ball rolling. At the moment, I am thinking that a percentage will go to the house (20%) and the remainder to the seller. As for a date, one has yet to be chosen.


To come...


I am pleased to announce that the Lions Club will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, coffee, pop and juice for the duration of the truck show out of their concession booth on the grounds.

Some Notes

There are a few things that are expected of you and your show vehicle(s), note that I am updating this as I go:

  1. No person shall operate a vehicle under its own power on the grounds unless the owner knows that the brakes are in good working order, and that it is otherwise in safe operating condition. Vehicle operators must have a valid driver's license and must know how to safely drive the vehicle and safely stop it.
  2. Each vehicle shall be taken to its designated display area and remain there, except when participating in an event or is moved as required or permitted by Show Management.
  3. Parked vehicles shall be secured with chock blocks.
  4. All vehicles, machinery, or other loads on trucks or trailers must be securely fastened down as per local regulations.
  5. Each show vehicle shall be equipped with a CSA approved fire extinguisher.
  6. Fuel tanks shall be capped. Any fuel leakage will be grounds from barring entry of a vehicle or requiring removal by towing from the display area.
  7. Vehicle or attached or transported equipment engines shall not be run unless the vehicle owner, or other person authorized by the owner is in close attendance.
  8. Vehicles must be operated in a cautions and safe manner at all times.
  9. Every vehicle, including trailers, shall be covered by owner's liability insurance, except non-operational vehicles brought in on, and not removed from, trucks or trailers.
  10. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances will not be allowed on to show grounds.
  11. All know fluid leaks shall be declared to Show Management so that proper environmental accommodations can be made.