Hayes Truck Club
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Our Mission Statement

This web site was created to prevent the history of Hayes Manufacturing Ltd., its employees and vehicles from fading from the history of British Columbia. With your help, it is our hope that over time, this web site can be developed into the official Hayes archives. Here, owners and enthusiasts will be able collaborate and share information and stories regarding the company and their vehicles.

Within the depths of this web site, you will come across a wealth of information to help you with your Hayes restoration or research projects.

Tough Decisions...

Some may have seen this coming, and maybe expected it sooner. I don't take this post lightly however over the last few years I have not done this website or the trucks justice and have failed at upholding the mission statement. With tools such as Facebook available I feel as though the site is redoing work that is done by others on another platform and as such I have made the difficult decision to terminate the website. It will not happen immediately and there is a chance that I may be convinced to retain the site.


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